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Desktop Type Power Adapter

GEZ desktop type 24V 4A ac dc switching power adapter

Material: ABS+PC Fireproof Materials
Energy Efficience Grade: Customized
Output Power:1W --200W Customized
Output Voltage:3v --36v Customized
Output Current:0.1A--10a Customized
Protection:OCP OTP OVP SCP
Application:electronic products
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1. High efficiency, low loss, energy saving and environmental protection circuit design;With over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit protection;

2. Beautiful and elegant products, the shell adopts high temperature resistance and flame retardant,
ultrasonic welding, safe and reliable use;

3. Very small output interference, stable output voltage, can better extend the service life of external appliances;

4. Full power, good anti-interference performance, small dc ripple;

5. Low operating temperature and long service life of power supply;

6. Wide input voltage range, 100-240v, in line with global standards;

7. Good insulation, 100% vacuum impregnation of high-frequency transformer;

8. Full-load high-temperature burning machine, 100% aging test, low defect rate;

9. Input plugs from different countries are available;

10. Moisture-proof and dustproof;


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