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  Guangzhou Huadu Guang Er Zhong Electronic Factory is specializing in the production of transformer manufacturer,founded in 2005.There are more than 10 austomatic production libes and matching facilities.The monthly production capacity is 30,000,000pcs.
  The main products are power transformer,adapter,automobile power amplifier transformer,space transformer,charger,acoustics type transformers,coils,high frequency transformer,toroidal transformer,the products are widely uesed in mobile phone charger power source,laptop power supply,electronics,electrical lighting,acoustics,converters,communications,instrumenttation,automotive amplifier and types of home appliances and so on ,it can be made to meet cstomer product fearures and quality requirement
  There is a professional technical development team in out company,we can design all kinds of electrical performance,style of product according to customer requirements,now,we have more than three tthousand kinds of different models,different electrical properties of the product.