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Desktop Type Power Adapter

GEZ ac 100v - 240v dc 36v 45v 54v 72v 3a 5a 8a desktop power adapter

Material: ABS+PC Fireproof Materials
Model Name: GPU Series
Energy Efficience Grade: Customized
Output Power:1W --200W Customized
Output Voltage:3v --72v Customized
Output Current:0.1A--10a Customized
Protection:OCP OTP OVP SCP
Application:electronic products
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1. High efficiency, low loss, energy saving and environmental protection circuit design;With over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit protection;

2. Beautiful and elegant products, the shell adopts high temperature resistance and flame retardant, ultrasonic welding, safe and reliable use;

3. Very small output interference, stable output voltage, can better extend the service life of external appliances;

4. Full power, good anti-interference performance, small dc ripple;

5. Low operating temperature and long service life of power supply;

6. Wide input voltage range, 100-240v, in line with global standards;

7. Good insulation, 100% vacuum impregnation of high-frequency transformer;

8. Full-load high-temperature burning machine, 100% aging test, low defect rate;

9. Input plugs from different countries are available;

10. Moisture-proof and dustproof;


Applied to LED,LCD,guitar,Voice robot,POS machine,printer,toy car,Smart home,loudspeaker, Battery, massager,wireless microphone,CCTV,DVD,Router,LED Showcase,toy plane,massager,laptop etc.

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    Guangzhou Huadu Guang Er Zhong Electronic Factory is specialized in the production of power transformers.

    Existing 10 automatic production lines, the main products are power transformer, the line between transformer,

    charger, audio transformers, coils, high frequency transformer, annular transformer, SMD transformer, inductor, power adapter,

    switching power supply, etc., products are widely used in mobile charger power supply, laptop power supply, electronic, electric lighting,

    audio, communications, instrumentation, public broadcasting system, massager products, fitness equipment products and

    all kinds of household electrical appliances and other fields, can meet the product features and quality requirements of customers.
    The company has a strong technical development team, according to customer requirements to design a variety of electrical performance, style of products.

    There are more than 3,000 different types of power transformers, audio transformers, inductor coils and ring transformers, patch transformers, etc.
    We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us!

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